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Responding to the growing demand and needs of the market, PALLETS BG Ltd. expanded its activities to the trading of pellets, briquettes, woodchips and firewood.​​


Fire wood

We offer high quality firewood, from different types of wood. We ensure efficient heating at affordable prices, finding the best and cheapest wood of the market for your fireplace or stove.

​Products from top quality hard and dry wood and high thermal efficiency.

They are stored in a special area in our facilities in order to be completely protected from the weather.


Wood Chips

Wood chips are wood slivers in specific dimensions. They are used as fuel in boilers similar to pellet boilers. They are easier to transport and store than firewood, and have higher efficiency when burnt.

Moreover, thanks to the fact that they have a simpler production method than pellets, they are cheaper, so they are gaining increasing momentum in the markets both in Europe and America.


Pellets are compressed wood fuel in the form of small cylinders with a 6-8 mm diameter and a 10-25 mm length. Thanks to their extremely low humidity percentage (less than 10%) and high thermal performance (4200 J/kg), they are the ideal heating alternative to oil and natural gas.

In addition, it is an environmentally friendly solution, since due to the materials that they originate from they do not harm the environment when burnt, as they release the same amount of carbon dioxide that they have absorbed



Briquettes come from wood residues. They are 100% fuel, and thanks to the absence of moisture they have high energy efficiency. They offer multiple benefits, since a kg of briquette corresponds to 1.5 to 3 kg of firewood, when burnt they produce an extremely small amount of ash, they do not soil the chimney and they have reduced emissions.

Moreover, they can be easily transported and stored, while at the same time they do not collect bugs, so they are the ideal alternative to firewood.

- IBC tanks

- Plastic Barrels

We can provide pallet tanks of 600 and 1000 liters capacity. They are available in white or black, totally reshaped, made of wooden, plastic or metallic pallets.

Furthermore, we can provide totally reshaped closed-type plastic barrels in various sizes (capacity of 120, 160, 200 and 220 liters).